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Reason #1: Everyone Deserves Independence

If you believe in empowering disabled adults to create meaningful and independent lives, please consider donating to our operation. Amplify clients receive on-the-job training and develop social skills that will serve them for life. Many of our clients move on from our warehouse and are placed in community jobs.

Reason #2: Business Can Be a Force for Good

If you think that business can be a way to change the world, donate to Amplify. Our business model provides jobs for adults with disabilities while also offering our customers a competitive pricing structure. If you want to join us in showing that it’s possible to employ adults with disabilities without sacrificing on quality, donate.

Reason #3: To Support the Adults with Disabilities in Your Life

If you or a loved one has been impacted by disability, then you’ll know how important community support organizations are. It can be difficult to integrate a loved one into the wider world. Too often, adults with disabilities are eager to work and be contributing members of society but face challenges in becoming independent. Amplify aims to be a leader in supporting adults with disabilities in creating meaningful lives. Your donation is a declaration of your advocacy for your loved one.

Reason #4: Make a Real Impact

If you want to know your charitable giving is making a real impact, give to Amplify. For more than 40 years, our team has been working with adults with disabilities. We continue to innovate our business practices and update our facilities to provide the best experience for clients and customers alike. When you donate to Amplify, you can trust that your money is making a difference.

Questions About Your Donation?

The action you take today will help change someone's life for the better, forever.