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We are delighted to work with businesses within Texas as well as nationwide on large and small jobs. The Amplify team is ready to deliver high-quality business solutions with top-notch customer service, affordable options, and impeccable assembly services. Please contact us to learn about how we can meet your assembly needs.

Why do companies choose Amplify? Customers bring their assembly jobs to us because we provide dependable and accurate solutions for your business. Bring your contracts to Amplify and get the Amplify advantage today!


We support a variety of companies locally and nationwide with product assembly. These are jobs that are not easily done by our customers for various reasons, but which are performed efficiently, accurately, and competitively priced by Amplify employees.

Our well-equipped workspace is safe and efficient, and our team is capable of executing various methods of industry-standard packaging and fulfillment.

● Gluing
● Box Stitching
● Reworking

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