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Privacy Policy

The Amplify team is committed to responsible and secure handling of personal information. This includes employee data, customer data, and web traffic data.

No personally identifiable information is collected from visitors to our website. We utilize Google Analytics, an industry-standard anonymized marketing tool. This helps us understand who is visiting our website and how they interact with our pages. Our website may contain links to other websites with different privacy policies. However, you will not be personally identified and we will not reach out to you simply because you visited our website.

We do not use our website to collect confidential information. We ask consent from our users before using their contact information for any business purposes, and users may freely unsubscribe or remove themselves from our database at any time. We will retain your information for a reasonable period following the delivery of services. We take reasonable precautions to protect client and customer information with appropriate security safeguards. We do not sell data to any outside vendors.

It is up to you what information you choose to provide us. Whatever information you provide will help us serve you better. In other words, if you choose not to share some information, it might make it more difficult for us to provide some of our products and services that need this information. We will not require you to consent to any uses of your data, like collection, usage, or disclosure, as a precursor to receiving services from us. We will only do this if it is required to be able to deliver the requested product or service to you.

We will make information available to you about our privacy policy, and we will disclose any changes to our privacy policy by posting them promptly to this page.

Thank you for trusting Amplify. Please direct any questions to our main office, and we’ll do our best to help.