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Packaging and Fulfillment Does Not Have to be Hard

Packing and fulfillment for businesses are essential to send all necessary goods and products to customers in the enterprise’s scope. As properly packaging, labeling, wrapping, etc., takes time to be appropriately completed, having a third party take care of all these commercial needs is a great way to streamline processes, especially for smaller businesses pressed on time and employees. Instead of struggling with storage space for supplies and crunching in these processes with a limited employee team, trained, third-party workers can fill these roles, making orders go more smoothly and quickly while preserving quality. This, in turn, preserves and positively influences customer satisfaction. At Amplify, these principles of efficiency and quality combined with affordability and the community effort to provide adults with disabilities with viable employment. There are many aspects of Amplify’s packing and fulfillment services ready to be utilized and integrated into all types of businesses needing support on the practical side of completing orders. The following four services are the most crucial to the fulfillment process, complete with the first-rate technique at Amplify.


Kitting is the first step in proper order packing and fulfillment, as it organizes all related goods into cohesive “kits” or bundles. Essentially, this entails putting all items for individual orders together in their packages. Multiple SKU numbers help find relevant goods, and the resulting package containing all the relevant products is then given a new SKU for organization and tracking. Kitting is beneficial to enterprises as it simplifies bulk order processing and helps cut down on shipping expenditures and labor costs due to the streamlined warehouse function. Furthermore, keeping as many items in a single order together in packages helps reduce any customer confusion, facilitates tracking, and promotes overall customer satisfaction. When carried out on time, especially in outsourced fulfillment centers intended to support a business’ workload, kitting makes a considerable difference in the warehouse portion of receiving and sending out packages.


This method is great for reducing weight and bulk while preserving durability. The reduced amount of material used also is conducive to less shipping costs and resulting waste after packages arrive at their destinations. As bags are less bulky and rigid, sorting and organization can be simplified, and orders more easily verified. For online and mail orders, choosing bagging as a feature of one’s business can help it stand out as efficient and astute. The ease of handling and unwrapping a bag is more convenient for customers than boxes. Where bags can be employed, businesses would do well to utilize the technique, mainly when carried out by a wholesome fulfillment center like Amplify.


Sending any mail is, of course, only possible through proper labels. The packing and fulfillment services of Amplify also offer their clients this resource. Correct labels ensure packages are identifiable, but they also ensure packages arrive at their destinations, as they contain all pertinent information about addresses and customer identity. In the warehouse setting, applied labels help workers organize products and put them in the correct place to speed up function. Furthermore, certain packages need special labels to direct how they should be handled en route, such as fragile labels and labels identifying objects as flammable. All in all, streamlined labeling facilitates a business’ function, ensuring quick delivery and customer satisfaction.

Shrink Wrapping

Many products require shrink wrapping to keep smaller parts together. For goods like toys, cosmetics, and office supplies, all parts must be protected and kept in easy-to-find packages, ensuring that customers receive the items as they were meant to be presented. Businesses can further use shrink wrapping to conveniently throw in bonus items and keep variety packs organized, helping to secure customer appreciation. While shrink wrapping during packing and fulfillment does help to protect products when en route, they also give products a more professional and finished look, reinforcing an enterprise’s positive image. What’s more, this method is cost-effective, especially when outsourced to a fulfillment center like Amplify.

Making the switch to Amplify’s packaging and fulfillment services will enhance your business operations through simplification and help support adults with disabilities at the same time. Choosing to move fulfillment functions over and outsource this most essential of warehouse processes to Amplify is a decision to feel good about all around, from the practical to the humane. 

Our work would not be possible without the support of Down syndrome clients. We advocate for our clients every day, especially on March 21 – World Down Syndrome Day. Watch how the Amplify team rocked our socks to show support. 

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

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